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Communicate content your audiences will see, hear, feel.

I'll help you produce a unique brand of authentic content that resonates with your audiences, and supports your broader employee or marketing communication initiatives.

Common content topics

For employers

Shape and communicate the value of your HR and employer brands, programs and services. Uncover stories that convey how your programs and services impact employees’ lives inside and outside work. Increase employee understanding and engagement around your benefits/Total Rewards portfolio during enrollment and year-round:


  • What makes your culture different

  • Pursuing top talent

  • Offering unique opportunity

Diversity and inclusion

  • Embracing diversity

  • Empowering employees

  • Company values at work


  • Welcome from leaders, employees

  • What to expect

  • Advice, recollections


  • Employees making a difference 

  • Going above and beyond

  • New ideas and contributions

Benefits, learning & development

  • Education, awareness and enrollment campaigns

  • Employee, family stories

  • Plans and services profiles

Community service and involvement

  • Company philosophy

  • On-the-ground efforts, initiatives

  • Employees making an impact

For industry service providers

Convey the essence of your brand, purpose, mission and culture, and produce content on such topics as:

History and culture

  • Founder profiles, company lore

  • Your mission, values at work

  • Your culture, people at work

  • Employee perspectives

Clients and customers

  • Company philosophy

  • Best practices at work 

  • Compelling testimonials

  • In-depth success stories

Strategy and vision

  • Where you are, what’s ahead

  • What’s driving change

  • Industry trends

  • Leadership perspectives

For start-ups and thought leaders 

Articulate ideas that convey your passion and point of view to influential audiences, focusing on such topics as:

Your vision

  • What’s next and why

  • Industry trends, insights

Your ideas

  • New product, service concepts

  • Real world applications

Your inspirations

  • Groundbreaking innovations

  • Individuals, entities you admire

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