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Deliver content in memorable ways.

I'll work with you to identify what mix of tools, tactics and channels work best for your needs and culture, and produce an array of media to reach the audiences important to your strategy and vision.

Different ways for reaching different audiences

Video/Motion Graphics Media

Original video and other visual media continue to grow as compelling ways to connect with audiences — from micro-length video promos and hi-concept explainer videos, to "snackable-length" profiles and mini-documentary style stories.

Immersive Audio Productions

Audio is among the fastest growing media channels used to reach audiences and deliver memorable, shareable content — from micro-length shorts, to snackable short stories, to documentary-length podcasts. 

Web | Digital Media

Build out an online presence to manage different multi-media content and formats that audiences can access and experience anytime. Pair audio interviews with journalistically-inspired photography, articles, video and other media. Offer creative ways to share your  content  using online gallery platforms. 

Print | Written Content

Thoughtfully designed print tools  brochures, postcards, posters, banners and more — can still play integral roles in your strategy.  Written content -- from clear, concise education and overview information, to evocative short-stories and profile pieces can be leveraged and deployed any number of ways, including your organization's social media channels, blogs and other online/print publications.

Live Event | Environmental Content

Leverage the content you produce by featuring it in presentations, conference openers or company-wide meetings. Showcase it on digital signage platforms across your office environment, in recruitment fair or trade show booths, and in other physical spaces.

Other formats for reaching your audiences

Micro-length content

Deliver content in short, commercial-style video formats or GIFs to engage audiences. Use this format to:

  • feature brief “trailers” about your key topics, programs and services.

  • promote your content via web/social media channels.

  • deliver key announcements and calls to action.

Story series

Build ongoing relationships with audiences by delivering engaging content and theme-driven stories over time. Use this format to:

  • support broader branding initiatives with multiple stories, interviews and content.

  • create an established channel for telling and sharing stories.

  • showcase original content that key vendors/partners may underwrite.

Self-guided tours

Creatively share anecdotes, facts and stories about your physical locations, facilities or other environments through self-paced, mobile-friendly audio/visual formats. Use this format to:

  • engage, inform and educate recruits, new hires, students, customers, and other audiences.

English as a Second Language (ESL) productions

Allow employees and other audiences not fluent in English to access and experience your content in their language. Use this format to:

  • reach ESL audiences in informative and engaging ways.

  • leverage your content by broadening the audiences that can access them.

Existing content, reimagined

Leverage your existing written and static digital content assets by reproducing them in immersive audio, visual, multi-media or other forms. Use this format to:

  • turn existing brochures, articles, blogs presentations and more into engaging animated/motion media that's highly shareable.  

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